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Buying a new house or a new car is one of the most important decisions you are going to make in your whole life, knowing what your credit score is will help you qualify for a loan and get a lower interest rate, today I will show you how to get credit report trials and how they benefit you.

A lot of people do not know that many companies make mistakes when reporting to the credit bureaus, checking your credit report allows you to check for errors made by companies and gives you the opportunity to correct them, it is recommended to check your credit report once or twice a year to catch any errors and to keep track of how good your credit is.

Finally checking your credit report will allow you to check for identity theft, this is a big problem for people because it is very easy to get your identity stolen, there are thousands of cases nationwide and most of the time people do not even know that this is happening to them, that is why monitoring your credit report is so important, if you become a victim of this it will cost you thousands of dollars so why not be prepared, getting your credit report once or twice will cost you from 0 to little money.

How To Get Credit Report Trials

With the help of the Internet getting a credit report is now very easy, there are many ways that you can get a credit report but this two sites will help you get access to your credit report instantly.

FreeCreditReport.com is one of the most popular places where you can get a free credit report, this website allows you to access your credit report and they offer many more services like Daily Credit Monitoring and Email Alerts. Monthly Score Tracker is another one of their services that allows you to see how your financial habits affect your credit scores finally their Score Illustrator helps you make better financial decisions.

Equifax.com offers lot's of great services that will help you monitor and improve your credit scores, also they can help you protect your identity with programs like Equifax ID Patrol, 3 in 1 Monitoring + FICO Score and Score Watch. If you want to access any those services there is a small charge but they are well worth it.

One of the features that I really like about them is their Equifax Virtual Assistant, this feature will help you with things like initiating disputes, getting your credit scores and placing fraud alerts. Also their site offers lots of information regarding Mortgage Costs, Rate Finders and Online Disputes.

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